Welcome to the Lakepoint Center

Lakepoint Center is a unique commercial setting, leasing prime office and retail space in the heart of Evergreen, Colorado. Surrounded on all sides by parks and open space, Lakepoint Center fronts directly on Evergreen Lake. We offer an unmatched environment for work and business. Tenants can enjoy great parking, lake and park views, walking and hiking trails, and much more. Evergreen Golf Course is just a quarter mile down the road, and Downtown Evergreen is just a half-mile walk around the lake trail.

Some of Evergreen’s best restaurants are on-site, as well as a popular coffee shop.

It is truly a one-of-a-kind place! The Lakepoint Center is conveniently located at the intersection of Colorado Highway 74 and Upper Bear Creek Road in Evergreen, Colorado.

The Lakepoint Environment

The scenery surrounding Lakepoint Center is extraordinary, even by Evergreen standards. Our parking area fronts directly on Evergreen Lake, and one sees distant hills and the Evergreen Golf Course beyond. To the west, Dedisse Park offers trails and hiking that form part a large group of interconnected parks, trails and recreation facilities.

For those wishing to grow beyond the home office or those looking to change current location, there is no more exciting alternative.

Lakepoint Center is Evergreen’s premier location for business and relaxation. Work, walk, eat, drink, reflect and enjoy . . . life at the lake.

Lakepoint Center
29003 - 29029 Upper Bear Creek Road
Evergreen, CO 80439